Zoning Ordinances

The Yuba City Zoning Code (Title 8) is intended to implement Yuba City General Plan and related land-use plans in a manner that protects the health, safety, and general welfare of the citizens of Yuba City. The boundaries of the base zones, overlay zones, and plan districts are shown on the City’s official zoning maps. The maps also highlight special conditions that may have been placed on the property due to special conditions, such as historical landmarks, special street setbacks, and existing and planned public recreational trails.

The City of Yuba City has a Zoning Map that divides all of the land within the City into different areas or "zones." Zoning regulates what uses can go where, and development standards determine how new development must be built. These standards refer to the height, lot coverage, parking standards, wall, tree shading or landscaping requirements, or setback requirements that apply within a particular zone. The purpose of establishing zoning designations within a community is to ensure neighboring land uses are compatible.

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Zoning Regulations
There are several types of zoning regulations that may affect a property. You will need to research all of these regulations to determine what is allowed on your property.

Base Zones — All properties within the City have a base zone. There are residential zones, commercial zones, and employment and industrial zones.

Overlay Zones — Some properties have overlay zones that consist of regulations that address specific subjects in particular City areas. For example, the design overlay ‘X’ may be applied to areas where design and neighborhood character are of special concern. The overlay is followed by a number that is a reference to a file maintained by the Planning Department. 

Other Zoning Requirements — Some uses and development types have additional regulations that apply. For example, parking lots have additional regulations.