Public Works FAQs

Public Works FAQs
How do I report an issue?
If you have an issue, please let us know!
Phone: (530) 822-4626
Online: YC311 Yuba City
Mobile App: YC311 Yuba City
When is my street scheduled to be swept?
Each City street is swept once per month in scheduled routes. Please see the Street Sweeping Map to determine which day your street is scheduled for cleaning.
How do I request a stop sign installed in my neighborhood?
Requests for stop signs and other concerns about traffic and roadway conditions should be addressed to the Engineering Division. Our Engineers can be reached directly by phone at (530) 822-4632 or through YC311.
There's a pothole in the intersection! How do I get it patched up?
Potholes and street failures can develop for a number of reasons, including rainfall and heavy traffic. Please report any potholes or other driving dangers to the Public Works Department by phone at (530) 822-4626 or through the YC311 system.
Who do I contact if I have questions about my utility (water or sewer) bill?
The Finance Department will be happy to answer any questions you may have about your utility bill. They can be reached through the Customer Service phone line at (530) 822-4618.
Does the City of Yuba City fluoridate the water?
The City adds fluoride to our drinking water to promote strong teeth and prevent cavities, as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. For further information on fluoridation, please call the Water Treatment Plant at (530) 822-4636
How do I get information on Yuba City water quality?
The City of Yuba City releases a Consumer Confidence Report each June on drinking water quality, which can be downloaded. Questions about the water quality report can be answered by the Water Treatment Plant at (530) 822-4636.
My water pressure is fluctuating. How do I get it checked?
The Water Distribution Division will investigate the problems you have been experiencing with water pressure. Please call Public Works at (530) 822-4626 to coordinate an inspection.
I need to have my water shut off to make repairs. Who do I call?
The Finance Department will perform the temporary shut-off of your water service to allow for repairs. Please call (530) 822-4613 to coordinate the shut-off.
How do I report an illegal discharge/dumping into the street or storm drain?
Illegal discharge or dumping into the City right-of-way should be reported by phone to Public Works at (530) 822-4626. Illegal dumping into City streets or storm drains can cause safety hazards, water pollution, and damage to City property.
Are there rebates available for making water efficient changes to my home?
As part of the Every Drop Counts initiative, the City currently offers its water customers rebates for qualifying High-Efficiency Toilets, Smart Irrigation Timers, Pre-Rinse Spray Nozzles, and High-Efficiency Washing Machines. For more information or to download the Water Rebate Application, visit
Is my property in a flood zone?
A property’s flood zone is determined by consulting the appropriate Flood Insurance Rate Map, which are available on the City’s Floodplain Management page. If you have any questions about determining your flood zone or understanding flood zone risk, please contact the Public Works Department at (530) 822-4626.
I will be doing some digging in my yard. How can I avoid hitting utility lines?
At least two days prior to digging, please call USA North at 811 to notify all relevant underground facility operators. The City, along with other agencies like PG&E, will visit the site and mark any nearby utility lines.