I need to be fingerprinted for employment purposes.  Can that be done at your department?
Yes. We would suggest you call our Records Unit at 822-2064 to coordinate a specific appointment for your fingerprinting in order to best fit your schedule and so you won't be delayed once at the department.  You will be required to pay fees mandated by the agency who is requesting your prints (FBI, Security and Exchange Commission and/or the State Department of Justice as examples) and also our minimal fee for us actually taking prints which will be acceptable by the requesting agency. (We would be glad to quote the total amount of fees due when you call).
We continually have speeding vehicles on our street, what can we do?
Neighborhood safety is a top concern for us. When you experience this type of problem, make notes as to the time of day and general description of the vehicle(s) involved. If the problem is a general nuisance problem, please call the Traffic Office at the police department (822-4795) and speak with the Traffic Sergeant. You will be advised of the specific steps that will be taken in your case. Should the problem jeopardize immediate public safety please call our Communications Center at 822-4661 or 911 as warranted.
I received a parking ticket for a violation I did not commit, how do I fight this?
The City Finance Department (located at 1201 Civic Center Blvd.) has a form available to contest parking citations. If you feel the violation was in error or circumstances warrant review, simply fill out the form, which will be reviewed by the Traffic Sergeant. Results of the findings are mailed back to you in a timely manner. If the finding is for dismissal, you need do nothing further. If the finding supported the citation, you have the option of the citation being reviewed by an independent Hearing Officer. If you should decide to appeal the Hearing Officer’s finding, you may take the issue to court.
Is the use of RADAR a speed trap and if so how can you use it in the city?
The vehicle code identifies the use of RADAR as a speed trap if it is not used properly. Officers of the Yuba City Police Department are trained as required by California Vehicle Code Section 40802 in the use of RADAR. Additionally, the Yuba City Public Works Department maintains speed surveys, with copies on file with the Sutter County Superior Court. The Yuba City Police Department reviews all citations to ensure enforcement is warranted and legal. The goal of our enforcement effort is to reduce injury and fatal collisions in Yuba City.
What happens if I drive my car without a license or on a suspended license?
These are both significant offenses, as they tend to indicate the vehicle driver is unfamiliar with the safe operation of a motor vehicle and/or they have been viewed as potentially being a negligent operator. The Police Department has zero tolerance for unlicensed and/or suspended drivers who are identified behind the wheel. You can expect to be arrested (usually releasable on a Notice to Appear) and your vehicle (if operated while you are suspended from driving) will be towed and impounded for 30 days. You will pay all fees associated with the offense and police related interactions, as we believe the general taxpayer should not be fiscally liable for your unlawful behavior. The police release fee for an impounded vehicle can be located here. Scroll down until you find the heading PUBLIC SAFETY, then look for Vehicle Release. This does not cover any towing service costs. (These provisions are under the California Safe Streets Act and the Yuba City Municipal Code).
I understand if my driving under the influence creates the need for an emergency response the costs to me can be significant.
You are correct.  You can be billed as much as $12,000 for an emergency response to an incident created by your election to drive while intoxicated.  In some civil situations, you can be billed for the actual government services provided in such cases, which could well exceed $12,000.
How long can I leave my vehicle on the street?
The City Municipal Code allows an operable vehicle, motor home and trailer connected to towing vehicle to remain on the public street for a period of five days. If we receive a complaint about a suspected abandoned vehicle, we will mark it, send notification to the registered owner advising of the five-day provision and seek voluntary compliance. If after five days the vehicle has not been moved, it will be towed at the owner’s expense. While vehicle abatement is usually complaint driven, you should be aware if a vehicle were in noted disrepair and a potential blight to the neighborhood, we would act without a complaint as authorized in the Vehicle Code.
How can I get a copy of a collision report?
A person involved in a collision, or the registered owner of a vehicle involved in a collision, may pick up a copy of the report at the Yuba City Police Department during Records business hours. You must have a picture ID, such as a California Drivers License or California ID card, with you at the time you pick up the document. There is no charge for collision reports. The reports are normally available for release approximately 5 business days after the accident. If the officer provided you with a Name Exchange Information Form at the time of the accident, it will serve as your report.
I was arrested. Can I have a copy of the report?
Arrests reports will not be released to the suspect or person arrested.  Limited information contained in a police report is available to victims of crimes. (Section 6254(f) of the Government Code of the State of California.)  A person arrested should contact his/her attorney or public defender.
Where is CHP?
CHP is located at 1619 Poole Blvd., one block west of the Yuba City Police Department.
Where is the Sheriff's Office?
The Sutter County Sheriff's Office is located at 1077 Civic Center Blvd., Yuba City.
I need my fix-it ticket signed off. What should I do?
If you have corrected the infraction, bring the vehicle, any supporting documentation, and your copy of the citation to the Yuba City Police Department. The Yuba City Police Department signs off only those citations issued by our officers. We do not charge for this service, however, you will be responsible for paying any court fines. If you have lost your citation, you will need to obtain a copy from the Sutter County Traffic Court at 1175 Civic Center Boulevard, Yuba City, prior to having the citation signed off. If the citation was issued by another law enforcement agency, you should take the citation to that agency or to any CHP office.
When being stopped by the police what should I do and expect?
First of all, you're supposed to pull over to the right-hand edge or curb of the highway, clear of an intersection, and stop. Some people get confused and stop in the lane of traffic, creating a very dangerous situation. Others make left turns into private driveways or businesses, still others continue on their way, thinking (or possibly hoping) the sirens aren't for them. None of those last few examples are, of course, the correct thing to do and could lead to additional violations being charged.
After you're stopped, the officer will make contact with you, during which time you should be advised why you are being stopped. You are required to furnish the officer with your driver's license (12951(a) and section 12951(b) California Vehicle Code [CVC]) and the vehicle's registration card, or a copy of that document. You should NEVER keep your Certificate of Title in your car. That is your proof of ownership of the vehicle. It doesn't validate your registration, and if someone else gets hold of it, they could try and claim the car as theirs.

You could be warned for the offense(s) you committed, or issued a citation. If you are issued a citation, the officer will explain what you're being cited for and ask you to sign the citation. The citation will have all of the pertinent information on it, including: the date and time of the alleged violation, your name, the offense(s) you're being cited for, the location of the offense(s), the officer's name, and applicable court dates and information. Signing the citation ISN'T AN ADMISSION OF GUILT, MERELY A PROMISE TO APPEAR. If you refuse to sign the citation, you will be arrested 40302(b) CVC and your car towed (22651(h)(1) CVC).
What happens if I refuse to sign a traffic ticket I disagree with?
As indicated above, signing a citation is merely your promise to appear in court for an alleged violation. Your signature is not an admission of guilt. Only a judge can levy punishments. When a person refuses to sign a citation, an officer is required to arrest and bring them directly before the magistrate having jurisdiction. This could involve being transported to the County Jail for the posting of bail or being held at the County Jail facility overnight or during the weekend until court is next in session.
Under what circumstances should I call 911?
Call 911 in an emergency situation when a person’s safety is endangered or a crime is in progress. For other routine business calls check your directory for the correct number of the unit or individual(s) you desire to speak with. 530-822-4660 will provide you a complete listing of police services telephone extensions and individual employee contact numbers.
How long will I have to wait for a patrol car to respond to my call?
Calls for service are handled in order of priority based on the level of emergency each incident represents. Crimes in progress, rescues and felony crimes take precedence over non-violent crimes and report calls. Because emergency calls often require the coordinated efforts of many units, officers may be delayed arriving to non-emergency calls. Communications personnel continually review the current calls for service and should advise you by telephone if an officer expects a delay of more than thirty minutes. Please do not use the 911-telephone system for non-emergency situations.
What is Megan's Law and how can I find out if a sex offender lives in my neighborhood?
In 1996, California enacted "Megan's Law." It provides the public with photographs and descriptive information on the most serious sex offenders residing in California, who have been convicted of committing sex crimes and are required to register their whereabouts with local law enforcement. You can obtain sex offender information by visiting the Megan's Law website at www.meganslaw.ca.gov.
What is a Community Service Officer (CSO)?
CSOs are full-time employees that have various jobs within the police department. While you may see them directing traffic, enforcing parking regulations, taking reports or organizing community events, they are extremely proficient in crime scene investigation, and in some cases are classified as fingerprint experts (based upon training they received at the FBI National Academy in Quantico, Virginia and Superior Court recognition).
Can you tell me about the Police Chaplain?
Yuba City, like many police agencies, has a police chaplain within the organization. The chaplain is a recognized ordained minister, who cares for the emotional and spiritual well being of our staff, their families and members of the public who desire his services. While the Chaplain wears a police uniform, he is not a police officer. His badge and insignia reflect his distinction as a member of the clergy. The police chaplain can be reached at 530-822-2024 or by page through the Police Communications Center 530-822-4661.
What is a citizen's arrest?
You have the right to arrest another person for a criminal act they commit in your presence. Unless absolutely necessary, you should avoid taking direct action and call us to avoid being injured or sued for false arrest. In some specific situations, limitations in the laws may make it necessary for a law enforcement officer to have you make a citizen's arrest. In this case, you must sign a private person's arrest form, but the officer will physically take the person into custody and ensure that they are properly arraigned in court. You may be required to testify.
What hours is the Police Department open?
The Department is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week: however, administrative and detective personnel primarily work weekdays during normal business hours. There is always a manager on duty. Additionally, during off hours, there is always an administrator, investigator(s) and special response teams on-call.
How much are alarm permit fees?
Alarm fees change each year by City ordinance, therefore the best way to get the current cost is to click here Alarm Permits and Renewals.
How can I pick up my property that was found or put in evidence?
The property office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. You can schedule an appointment by calling 530-822-4680.
What if I want to file a complaint against a police employee, or for that matter, compliment an employee on their actions?
At times, adverse interactions, perceptions or general concern over the manner in which an event was handled by law enforcement can give rise to a citizen requesting to make a complaint about service. You can discuss your concerns with the on-duty supervisor; however, if that fails to adequately address your questions or concerns, you may file a formal written complaint. To file a complaint against a member of the Yuba City Police Department, gather as much information as possible. The following information will be helpful for the investigation: 1. Dates and Time of the Incident 2. Location of the Incident 3. Name, Badge Number, or description of the employee(s) involved and details of the event. You can contact our Professional Standards Unit at 530-822-4679 or speak with any police department manager. A manager will take your complaint and have an investigator look into the matter and decide whether or not the employee's actions were in the realm of policy and procedure and if disciplinary action is warranted. In all formal complaints, you will receive written notification of the outcome. The chief of police is advised of all citizen complaints. If you disagree with our findings, you have the right to bring your concerns to the District Attorney and the California Attorney General’s Office. A form to help with information gathering can be obtained here.

Compliments in reference to employee performance are always welcome and mean a great deal to us. Complimenting an employee’s outstanding performance is best accomplished by writing to the Office of the Chief of Police (1545 Poole Blvd., Yuba City, CA 95993) or calling 530-822-4674. The compliment will be forwarded through the employee’s manager and placed in their personnel file. A feed back form can be found here.