Yuba City Fire Prevention BureauMan with checklist looking at fire extinguisher

The Yuba City Fire Prevention Bureau has a robust fire and life safety inspection program. Inspections are conducted and enforced by utilizing the California Fire Code, California Building Code and NFPA standards. In addition, operational permits are issued on commercial occupancies to verify fire-safe conditions. The Fire Marshal oversees the Prevention Bureau with the assistance of 2 Fire Safety Inspectors to carry out the mission. The Mission of the Yuba City Fire Department is to protect life, property and the environment, through effective fire prevention and emergency management. The Prevention Bureau is responsible for all state-mandated inspections, new construction, tenant improvement projects, weed abatement, firework stands, and public education. The inspection process includes verification of the building’s use and maintenance per state fire code laws, local regulations, and national standards. Fire inspectors ensure dangerous fire and life safety hazards are identified, abated and other illegal uses are stopped. The fire and life safety inspection program reduces risk by safeguarding residents, visitors, buildings, and industrial processes and strengthening the community’s economic protection and vitality.

Public EducationYCFD Christmas Stroll - Copy

Public education addresses the behavioral change component of community risk-reduction efforts. Inspections and plan reviews provide for the necessary safety elements of community buildings. In contrast, training and public outreach provide the foundation for citizen actions that can further reduce property and life loss in their homes and workplaces.
Recurring community-based events, such as National Night Out, Summer & Christmas Strolls, Engine Company visits, and station tours, provide the general public with simple education opportunities and keep the public engaged in Department activities. In conjunction with regular public education messages posted on social media, these public education forums directly connect individuals who may not have used emergency services or experienced direct contact with the Yuba City Fire Department.