Solar APP+

SolarAPP+ Automated Solar Plan Reviews

Before applying for an automated solar plan review and solarpermit, projects must follow certain requirements. At this time, SolarAPP+ is designed to provide a code-compliance check for the majority of residential, roof-mounted, retrofit photovoltaic systems. To see which systems are eligible, please refer to the Eligibility Checklists. Only projects that conform to this list are eligible to use the automated SolarAPP+ portal form instant permitting.

How to Start using SolarAPP+

Register through the SolarAPP+ Registration Webpage.
If already registered:

    1. Submit for automated review through SolarAPP+

  • To start using SolarAPP+, log in and submit your design through the SolarAPP+ Webpage.
  • A processing fee from SolarAPP+ will be charged.
  • Download the approved plans. 

    2. Create a building permit application through the City's online Citizen Portal

  • The City will review the application and invoice the building permit fees.
  • The permit will be issued after the fees are paid.

    3. Schedule an Inspection:

  • Inspections are available during normal City business hours and can be requested for morning (8:00am to 12:00pm) or afternoon (12:00pm to 3:00pm).
  • Please have the City of Yuba City permit number (example BLD24-XXX-SA), type of inspection requested, address, a contact name and contact phone number.  
  • Option 1: Schedule inspections using the City's online Citizen Portal.
  • Option 2: Call the inspection request line at (530) 822-4901. Inspection requests must be made by 5:00pm the business day before you would like your inspection. You must leave a message. No confirmation calls will be made to confirm your inspection is scheduled.
  • Two-hour windows can be given on the day of already scheduled inspections by calling (530) 799-0549.

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