Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)

What is an ADU

ADU Plan

Benefits of ADUs 

Accessory Dwelling Units are a type of housing that can be found in communities across California. Recent changes to State ADU Law make developing ADUs easier to help address Yuba City's housing needs and deliver the benefits described below:

■ Adds to variety of available housing options
■ Does not require purchase of new land or developing new infrastructure since units will fit on most single-family lots (ADU) or within existing dwellings (JADU)
■ Suitable in a variety of locations and contexts
■ Utilize standard building materials, which may be sourced from local vendors
■ Option to utilize prefabricated units and/or modular units
Provides additional housing in a building form that is compatible with single family neighborhoods
■ Opportunity to earn supplemental income for homeowners when rented out
■ Can provide options for independent living and aging in place
■ Can provide greater privacy for multi-generational households

I am interested in building an ADU or JADU on my property. Where should I start? 

Homeowners, property owners, and design professionals interested in constructing an ADU/JADU on a property should familiarize themselves with the ADU regulations of State law, the City's ADU Zoning Regulations, and the guided steps provided in Yuba City's ADU Guidance Document (linked on the left).

In addition, you may contact the Planning Division at 530-822-4629 or if you have any questions.

What are the basic requirements of an ADU?
Planning to build an ADU on a multi-family lot?
Planning to build an ADU in a historic district?
Where can I build an ADU?
Can I rent out my ADU?
Do I need to live in the primary dwelling unit or ADU?
Can an ADU be sold separately from the primary dwelling?