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General Municipal Elections, November 5th 2024

The Yuba City General election will occur on November 5th, 2024. This election year, City Council seats in District 4 and District 5 will be voted on, as well as seats for City Clerk and City Treasurer.

City Council Seats

Beginning with the 2022 election, Yuba City City Council seats switched from at-large representation to district representation. Districts 1, 2, and 3 are elected during Midterm Voting years and Districts 4 and 5 are elected during Presidential Voting years. You will vote for the member in which is running in your district! For more information, or for questions about your district, visit Yuba City Districting .

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Voting (drop down-button)

In order to vote in the upcoming election, you must be registered to vote in California. The last day to register to vote for the November 2024 election will be October 21st, 2024. There are many ways to vote, including mail-in ballots and visiting your local polling place.

In order to register to vote, visit Register To Vote

To find your polling place, visit Find Your Polling Place

For more information on mail-in voting, visit Mail-In Voting

Running for Office (drop down-button)

We appreciate your interest in serving your community by running for public office! In order to be eligible to run for office, you must be registered to vote and live within one of the open districts. In order to run for City Council, you must reside in the district for which you are running.

    Important Dates:

July 15, 2024 - First day to obtain Nomination Papers*
            *Please schedule an appointment:
             (530) 822-4817 or cwakefield@yubacity.net
August 09, 2024 - Last day to file Nomination Papers
November 5, 2024 - Election Day  

Get Involved (drop down-button)

We appreciate your interest in getting more involved in the upcoming election! There are many ways to get involved in the election, including becoming a poll worker. To apply to be a poll worker, visit Apply To Be A Poll Worker- Sutter County

For more information, or questions, contact our City Clerk Administrator, 

Ciara Wakefield
City Clerk Administrator
(530) 822-4817