02.10.17 Storm
Feather River/Oroville Dam Update
Posted on 02/17/2017

In an effort to keep everyone informed, below is the latest, most accurate information regarding the Oroville Dam and the Feather River:


  • There is no imminent threat of flood in Yuba City
  • We are well prepared to manage any high water issues that may result from the spillway damage at Oroville Dam
  • It is likely that use of the emergency spillway at Oroville Dam will NOT be required at this time
  • City officials are in constant communication with DWR and other local agencies to monitor levees
  • The Feather River is expected to crest at 68 feet at midnight tonight, well below flood stage
  • No evacuation orders have been issued for our area
  • If the situation changes, we will have ample notice to evacuate


Although we do not anticipate any issues, it is always important to be prepared:

  • Listen to instructions
  • Make a plan
  • Buy food, water & gas
  • Prepare your property
  • Consider your pets
  • Pack essential items



Yuba City

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Sutter County

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Yuba County

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Public Information Line: (530) 749-7520

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Have trust and confidence in your emergency responders. We will keep you posted on any new developments.


Until then, be safe out there!